Define the Services and Requirements

You have to design a new data center infrastructure that will support the emerging needs of your organization. This hands-on assignment is the first step in that process.

Use your existing environment if you’re an end-user, the environment of one of your customers, or maybe a sample project you were asked to work on and document the service requirements:

  • What services will the new data center offer?
  • How will the users consume the services?
  • What level of self-provisioning and automation will you offer?
  • Will the users deploy application stacks themselves?
  • Will they manage their own security and network services?
  • Disaster recovery requirements.

Based on these requirements, try to estimate the infrastructure requirements:

  • Number of servers and storage nodes;
  • Security- and network services needed to support the user requirements;
  • Storage access technology;
  • Required number of network ports;
  • Estimated network bandwidth (internal and external);
  • Virtual networking needs;
  • IP address mobility requirements.