Build a Small Data Center Fabric

The customer is buying new Ethernet fabric infrastructure for their data center. They collected existing connectivity requirements and got these numbers:

  • 32 servers with 2 x 25GE ports;
  • 40 1GE copper ports used mostly by servers but also for storage and appliance management ports;
  • iSCSI-based storage (total of 8 x 10GE ports)
  • 4 network appliances (firewalls, load balancers…) with 2 10GE ports each;
  • 2 WAN routers with 1 Gbps uplinks and 10GE connection to the fabric.

Design an Ethernet fabric that will be:

  • As cost-effective as possible while meeting current connectivity requirements;
  • Easy to extend as the connectivity needs grow. They plan to increase the number of servers to 50 in the next three years, and they expect the servers to have 2 x 25GE ports plus 1GE management port;
  • Require minimum downtime during the expansions.

You can use data center switching equipment from any vendor you prefer.

Your design should also include a migration plan for unexpected fast-growth scenarios, for example, connecting up to 200 servers.

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